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Crate Training for Litters of Puppy and Dog Training Successes

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I’m not the only respected dog obedience training expert to happily bark about the benefits of crate training.  In fact, crate training is one of the few dog training tools that are recommended without exception.

At first blush, crate training may appear to be cruel, but in fact, when used moderately, it isn’t cruel at all.  Dogs’ ancestors spent much of their time roaming and hunting, but they also valued a safe place for occasional rest.  This makes a crate a no-brainer tool for training and transportation.

Consider the benefits:

The crate will serve as a safe and secure place for your puppy or dog to rest.

Dogs won’t normally pee or poop where they sleep, so they’ll want to hold it while in the crate.

When your puppy is in a crate with plenty of chew toys, he or she isn’t able to roam the house and eat your furniture, your shoes, or your cat.

A crate offers a safe and secure place to house your dog when dog-intolerant visitors stop by.

When you’re away from home, you know that your puppy is out of trouble and danger.

Your dog’s crate can double as a safe travel carrier, reducing your dog’s anxiety.

Because your dog is accustomed to resting in a crate, kenneling, overnight stays at the vet’s office, and travel in airport carriers will go more smoothly.

And finally, you will sleep more soundly at night because you know your puppy isn’t making a toilet, or confetti, out of your house.

Often, as dog obedience training and dog house training progresses, the daily need for the crate can be eliminated.  But after it is, you and your dog will be left with the basics needed for good house manners and easy transportation.

Though I would never advocate leaving a dog locked inside of a crate for long hours, I do believe that crates are an indispensable dog training tool.  I’ve considered the pros and cons of this dog training method, and assuming that it’s used correctly, I can’t think of a single con for crate training.  But the pros…well, they seem to be flowing off the dog obedience training page.

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